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Ultimate Ab Wheel

Ultimate Ab Wheel

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Train Your Abs Like Never Before

Everyone knows that in order for your muscles to show, you have to train them. Abs are no different. However, doing nothing but sit-ups will only get you so far. Our Ultimate Ab Wheel takes your ab training to new levels.

Train Like The Pros

There's a reason professional athletes use ab wheels, and it's not just for the looks. The ab wheel challenges your abs in a completely different way to traditional sit-ups.

Save Yourself From Painful Injuries

Everyone has at some point or another tried to lift something heavy off the floor and afterwards your back feels sore and painful. The Ultimate Ab Wheel can help strengthen your lower back muscles and core so you won't have to suffer the injury of lower back pain.

Build The Strength You Need For Your Other Exercises

No matter where you go, when you talk about generating power for your exercises, everyone always says the power comes from your core. Our abs are what helps us to lift heavier loads safely. The Ultimate Ab Wheel makes sure that when you go to lift those heavy loads, your core will be strong enough to help you lift whatever weight you try.

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