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The Doggy Light

The Doggy Light

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The best way to walk your dog in the dark

Introducing The Doggy Light - the ultimate solution for night-time walks with your furry friend! This innovative device features a built-in flashlight and a convenient holder for your poop bags, making it easy to clean up after your dog in any lighting conditions. The flashlight has bright LED lights that illuminate your path and help you easily spot any droppings, while the holder keeps your bags easily accessible. The device is made of durable and water-resistant materials, and it can be easily attached to your dog's leash or belt with a clip, keeping your hands free. Never be caught without a bag or light again and make your walks more comfortable and convenient with The Doggy Light.

Carry all the bags you need without holding extras

The flashlight has a convenient slot for holding spare doggy bags, leaving you hands free while you walk.

Light up the night for you and your dog

Powerful LED lights help light up your night and make sure you don't miss any droppings your pet may have left behind. 

 Built in clip for easy storage

With a built in clip, you can hand the flashlight off a bag or leash, making you completely hands free until you need it. 

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