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Speed Chute

Speed Chute

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Speed Training At Max Level

Everyone loves being able to run as fast as they possible can. With our Speed Chute, you can take your running speed to the next level. Designed to make you work harder the faster you run, it's the ultimate tool for any runner's toolbox.

 Perfect For Any Level Of Running

Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned runner, everyone can use the Speed Chute. For those just starting out, you'll feel some resistance of the chute dragging on the ground and when it first gets in the air. For those who can push their running to the limits, the Speed Chute makes sure you can reach levels of training you never thought possible.

Training Just Like The Athletes

It's no wonder why professional runners like to use parachutes in their training. It helps build stamina and speed all at the same time. But why should it only be the pros who train at the highest level. Everyone who runs can benefit from the Speed Chute.

The best running workout of your life

No matter who you are, the Speed Chute can help turn your normal run into the best run you've ever done. By building endurance and speed at the same time, you can rest assured knowing the next time you step on the track you'll be faster and can run further than the last time.

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