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Indoor Mesh Dog Fence

Indoor Mesh Dog Fence

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The perfect solution for keeping your dog contained

Introducing the Indoor Mesh Dog Fence - the perfect solution for keeping your furry friend contained in certain areas of your home. The durable mesh material is specifically designed for indoor use, making it lightweight and easy to set up. The breathable mesh allows for maximum visibility while still keeping your dog securely contained. The fence is versatile and can be configured to fit most doorways. Its easy to install and can be taken down and stored when not in use. Keep your home safe and your dog contained with our Indoor Mesh Dog Fence.

Large enough to fit most doorways and stairways

With a size of 70 in x 30 in, the indoor fence can securely cover most door ways and stairwells.

Keep your furry friend out of trouble

Help keep your dog from reaching places they should not be going.

Great for training your puppy

The mesh fence lets you train your puppy in whatever room you deem right for them until they are ready to explore more places.

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